Cranetruck380 hp eight wheeler cranetruck combination with a Hiab 36.60 (36 tonne / 1 metre rating)

  • Carrying capacity – (payload) 11 tonne
  • Lifting capacity of crane – 11.5 tonne to 2.5 tonne @ 12.6 metres
  • Tray length – 6.8 metres
  • This combination is suitable for a variety of uses, such as lifting and the transport of machinery, installation of pits, containers, generators, compressors, concrete tanks and panels
  • All lifting equipment chains, slings and spreader bar are all tagged and in good working order.
  • Safety features – Personal proximity cutout, overload non-tipping cutout, remote control, hazard reduction

Cranetruck - Hiab 36.60 (Rearmount) Photos