Mecalac 14mbx Hirail 14ton EWP / Crane / Excavator

  • Special features – Hirail, Articulated body, 4 x 4 wheel rubber tire excavator.
  • Attachments – 2 man cage + tools (SWL 350kg) Crane jib with retractable wire hook,
  •  Lifting capacity – 6.5 ton @ 4mtr to 1 ton @ 9.5 mtr
  •  All lifting equipment chains, slings and spreader bar are all tagged and in good working order.                                                             
  •  Safety features – Personal proximity cutout, overload non-tipping cutout, remote control, hazard reduction spill kit, 4 x 4 all terrain, Horizontal reach of 9mtr, Lateral reach of 7mtr, control of the basket and vehicle form the basket,      
  • Attachments: Mancage, Cranejib, Rhino hook, Excavation buckets, Flail mower and Log Grab.

Mecalac 14mbx